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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Root Canal Treatment in Sector 86 Gurgaon

We offer the most technologically advanced root canal treatment using the Rotary endodontics and Apex Locators. The process is pain less and helps to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth.

Leading Root Canal Treatment 

Root Canal Treatment at Affordable Costs

To better understand endodontic treatment, its helpful to have a basic understanding of
how a tooth works. Dentin and enamel cover the surface of a tooth, but beneath them is a
layer of soft tissue known as pulp. They develop the tooth's hard enamel by forming its
surrounding connective tissue and nerves.

It grows from the tooth's crown to its attachment to the surrounding tissues at the end of
the root. However, after the tooth has developed sufficiently, it can survive without the
pulp since the surrounding tissues feed it.

When an infection spreads to the tooth&39;s delicate inner portion, the whole tooth starts to
die. For the tooth to be saved, root canal therapy is necessary.

The procedure removes the tooth's pulp to prevent infection from spreading to other teeth.
In addition to relieving the patient's discomfort, a root canal procedure promotes healthy
tissue regeneration and repair in the tooth root. To prevent further decay or infection, our
dentist will place a filling material inside the tooth once the pulp has been removed. When
bacteria enter the bloodstream, they can't spread to other parts of the body and cause
disease there.

Root Canal Treatment in sector 86 Gurgaon can risk those with cardiac difficulties,
artificial valves, or congenital impairments or deformities. As a result, they will need to take
antibiotics before and after their root canal procedure.

Importance of a Root Canal

It's a cause for concern if the infection has reached the roots of your teeth. In the absence
of a root canal, the tooth would have to be replaced with a bridge or dental implant.
Although these solutions can serve as a replacement for your missing tooth, they are not as
stable as natural teeth.

An infected pulp necessitates the use of a root canal procedure. For example, deterioration
and trauma can cause this infection. Damage to the tooth's roots might also result from a
cavity or break in the tooth. It's essential to keep these roots clean to keep your teeth
healthy and strong.

Why Choose DenTru?

It is possible to perform a Root Canal Treatment near sector 86 Gurgaon in a single
appointment. After numbing the area with an anesthetic, the doctor will proceed with the
procedure. To reach the roots, a hole must be bored into the tooth. Cleaning and rinsing of
the roots are done with root files to eliminate all bacteria and debris. To ensure that no
other bacteria or debris enter the space, it is sealed with a particular substance.
The afflicted tooth can be protected from additional damage by having a repair like a crown
placed. To get the most out of your tooth, you must take good care of it and maintain a
healthy diet.

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