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Dental Implants

Periodontist Dental Care in Sector 86 Gurgaon


Periodontist Dental Care in Sector 86 Gurgaon

There is no doubt that you are not alone if you have periodontal disease. The growing evidence suggests that chronic diseases like periodontal disease are associated with other chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. More challenging periodontal treatment may necessitate a higher level of expertise that an appropriately trained specialist in periodontology can only provide. On the other hand, you do not have to be concerned about this!

Periodontist Dental Care Near me Gurgaon

Our periodontists are experts in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) and the insertion of dental implants. In addition to receiving thorough training in both of these areas and others, our professional periodontists also receive additional years of education beyond dentistry school.


When it comes to more complex periodontal problems, many general dentists will refer their patients to our periodontist dental clinic near sector 86 Gurgaon, even if they treat less significant periodontal cases. The same is true for dental implant procedures. While some general dentists do dental implant procedures, many will refer their patients to our periodontists for the more difficult implant procedures.


In addition to dealing with complex periodontal and implant cases, we also offer a variety of other specialist treatments to our patients. Scaling and root planning (the contaminated surface of a tooth's root is cleaned), root surface debridement (in which damaged root tissue is removed), oral inflammation treatment, and cosmetic periodontal operations are all examples of periodontal procedures.

Why Choose Us:

When you come in for your first visit with periodontist dentists near sector 84 Gurgaon, we will often go over your complete medical and dental history. The periodontist must be aware of any medications you're taking, or any conditions you're being treated for that could impact your periodontal health, such as heart disease, diabetes, or pregnancy, among other things.


We will then inspect your gums for any signs of recession, assess how your teeth come into touch with one another when you bite, and determine whether any of your teeth are loose or broken. Using a small measuring instrument (known as a probe) placed in the spaces between your teeth and gums (known as periodontal pockets), the periodontist will be able to determine the overall health of your gum tissue. X-rays may also be used to check on the health of the bone beneath your gum line throughout your procedure.

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