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Invisalign Brace in Gurgaon 


invisible Braces Treatment in Gurgaon

We offer the most technologically advanced root canal treatment using the Rotary endodontics and Apex Locators. The process is pain less and helps to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth.

Invisible Braces Treatment in Gurgaon

Dental braces are generally appliances used to align or straighten your teeth and guide the teeth to the corrected position. We offer the best Braces Treatment in sector 86 Gurgaon, so if you are looking forward to applying braces on your teeth, you should consider us. Our braces are made of wires, brackets, and bands. Braces help to correct irregular tooth positioning in your mouth. It also helps in jaw correction and improves chewing and smile aesthetics.

The primary reason for getting braces on is to improve your facial appearance.

Different types of braces are available

Ceramic Conventional Braces

Ceramic braces are ideally the ones with clear brackets. The ceramic braces in Gurgaon sector 86 use tooth color and blend more naturally that look perfect with your teeth. These are less visible on the teeth, and if you are an older teenager or adult, you must go with this one. Probably you might be having aesthetic concerns. At times even the wires used are of tooth color, which makes them less noticeable, and being less prominent, they require more care and protection than the metal braces. It is because they are larger and more brittle. These braces require extra protection, and they are generally used in the upper teeth compared to the lower ones.

Invisible Braces

The invisible braces treatment in Gurgaon offers excellent invisible braces, which means they are not visible as they are made from transparent plastic. The invisible braces are an innovative and perfect way of straightening your teeth. As they are fine, they are not visible when you wear them. You can remove them whenever you want. Ideally, you should remove them while you are having your meals or drinking any hot or cold drink. It is pretty easy and convenient to clean these braces as they are removable. The working principle of the braces is the same as the typical metal braces. The only difference is the pressure in the case of invisible braces applied by the aligners or the plastic trays.

Envisaging Braces

The clear aligners are also known as the precise aligner treatment. They are perfect for patients who have experienced a relapse after a fixed orthodontic treatment. If you are looking for the best envisaging Braces Treatment in Gurgaon, then you need to look no further as we are your best bet. We provide perfect Invisalign orthodontic treatment, also known as a precise aligner treatment. It is frequently essential to correct the dental malformation in children, adults, or teenagers. The best part about choosing the envisaging treatment is that you can remove them at any time for special occasions if you don't want to wear them. There is no or minor irritation on the inside of your cheeks or gums. There is no invasive therapy necessary.

Our processes generally take six months to 6 years, depending on the severity of your misaligned teeth. To get the best Invisalign fitting, you first need to schedule an appointment with our experts, and after a thorough examination, our doctor will recommend the best treatment for your teeth.

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