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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Clinic in Gurgaon


Tooth Extraction Clinic Sector 86 Gurgaon

We offer the most technologically advanced root canal treatment using the Rotary endodontics and Apex Locators. The process is pain less and helps to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth.

Tooth Extraction Clinic in Gurgaon at Affordable Cost

Tooth extraction is a technical term that means something different to different people.

When a tooth is extracted, it is taken out of its dental alveolus or socket, an option in dentistry. An oral surgeon is typically the one who performs a tooth extraction. However, tooth extractions are also performed by general dentists and periodontists as part of their core competencies as dental practitioners.


Importance of Tooth Extraction


Tooth decay has progressed to the point of irreparability

When tooth decay reaches the tooth's pulp, it results in pulpal necrosis. An infection can be caused by bacteria that enter the pulp due to degradation.

If so, a root canal surgery may be necessary. As a result, extraction may be required from Tooth Extraction Clinic near Secotr 86 Gurgaon if the infection is particularly severe.


Periodontal disease can be effectively treated

The gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligaments, and other structures surrounding the teeth are infected by periodontal disease. Inflammation of the gums, known medically as gingivitis, is the first sign of periodontal disease. It affects the alveolar bone and the periodontal ligaments in more advanced cases of periodontal disease.


Dental plaque, a moist substance that forms on your teeth several hours after you eat and without brushing, is the source of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can be prevented by regularly brushing your teeth and going to the dentist.



An impacted tooth may benefit from extraction

An impacted tooth cannot fully emerge because the gums have not entirely erupted. Wisdom teeth are frequently the cause of this.

The impacted tooth may need to be removed by your dentist to prevent it from causing harm to other teeth. Infection and crowding can both be reduced by removing an impacted tooth.


To prevent teeth from becoming overcrowded

Overcrowding in the mouth can be relieved by removing one or more teeth. This is also recommended for patients who must have orthodontic treatment but have no room for their teeth to shift or realign.

An orthodontist will do a thorough exam to determine if your teeth are crowded and if there is adequate room for them to move and realign. When there isn't enough room in your mouth to straighten your teeth, extractions may be necessary.



Why Choose DenTru?


  • To the best of their abilities and experience in the dental field, our dentists and orthodontists in Tooth Extraction Clinic in Gurgaon are delighted to discuss all of your treatment options with you. Our treatments are more precise, safe, and comfortable by utilizing the most up-to-date tools and resources.


  • Our dental offices are constructed with patient comfort in mind. You may always get in touch with us if you have any concerns, and we'll make sure you get the care you need when you come in.


  • Our dentists still use anesthesia; however, if you are afraid of injections, we can investigate other options for sedation. We know how busy people's schedules may be, and we will do everything we can to keep the process moving quickly while still delivering excellent outcomes.

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